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December 2, 2014

All comics made using DAZStudio and ComicLife. For a full list of credits, click here.

December 2, 2014

So the universe is really inventive, but despite the latest update of Daz containing a bug that tanked my usual light rig, updatery! (But god, please let them fix this one soon....)

The Spiderforest comic of the week is Soul to Call!

Avril wants to sell her soul. Who knew it was so hard? Now, despite being deep in no-mans-land, despite being surrounded by the abdominations and shadows that have thrived since the Fall (all of whom are trying to kill her), despite being hunted by cultist who are trying to kill her, despite the attentions of the human Inquisition who are -- well -- probably going to kill her, she still has her soul, and instead of a demonic ally all she's found is the jittery, hapless boy Eli. But is she closer to her goal than she seems?

Part horror, part damned funny, Soul to Call is a beautifully done comic with snappy dialogue, a tough, mouthy heroine, and a fascinating post-apocolyptic setting. One of my new favorite comics -- do yourself a favor and check it out!