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November 1, 2015

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November 1, 2015

So this was supposed to be Halloween art with Lena and Murdoch in Masquerade costumes, but I didn't get it done until this morning, so... happy my-birthday?

Either way it's my way of breaking bad news. I'm leaving on a week-long vacation Tuesday, and with one thing or another (I'll spare you the string of reasons) I've completely failed to get the 10 renders I need for the next update done, so there's unlikely to be an update of any sort until mid-November. I am incredibly frustrated about this, but repeated self-kicking doesn't actually seem to make renders fly out my butt, and I figured you guys at least deserved a heads-up.

To tide you over, the last round of Spiderforest's new comics accepted back in the beginning of September. I am so behind in my hellos, but they are all fantastic, so go check them out!

Cohen is the Accursed Dragon. Every good deed he does brings him a bit closer to human. Now if only good deeds were easier to come by... or easier to tell from evil...

Or there's Out of My Element, a steampunk extravaganza about aheadstrong aristocrat who finds herself caught between rebels, politics, and magic, and in far, far over her head.

The Dracko Universe Graphic Novel tells the story of a young girl who unwittingly creates a political firestorm when she arrives via magical portal claiming to be from a place that doesn't exist.

And finally, Castoff follows Victor, a friendly, harmless boy with the bad luck to have yellow eyes, pointy ears... and a high price on his head.

I will get the next update up as soon as I can, guys. I'm sorry this happened in the middle of an action scene!