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August 9, 2016

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August 9, 2016

Sorry for the radio silence lately; I've been focused on surviving the business conference I had at the end of July (which I did, barely) without damaging my buffer (which... is only a little bent). I'm getting rather attached to this buffer, meager though it is. It'd be a shame if something happened to it.

In all the craziness I keep forgetting to mention that my webcomic collective, Spiderforest, is accepting applications for the first three weeks of August! If you have a webcomic, why not take a look at our application page and see if you meet the requirements? We're a friendly, supportive bunch, and joining this group has been one of the best decisions I ever made.

I also forgot to mention that last week -- August fourth, to be exact -- was the comic's 8th anniversary. Eight years, people. That is some serious craziness.