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September 27, 2016

All comics made using DAZStudio and ComicLife. For a full list of credits, click here.

September 27, 2016

Quick bump before we get into the new comics: do you read LeyLines? If so, you probably already know they're doing a Kickstarter for Volume 4! And if not, why the heck not? Go! Read it! It's awesome!

The last of this round's new additions to Spiderforest, this time focusing on my favorite genres -- science fiction and fantasy:

Storm and Desire (NSFW): Stop me if you've heard this one: a refugee musician turned xenolinguist, an intelligent weapon system, and a multidimensional explorer walk into a bar. The bar is the Building. The Building is the end of the worlds.

Moon Gone Dark: The Wayfarer of the Nights follows an unknown path through the ages and the dreams of all who dream.

Chronicles of Oro: Three hundred years ago, a war between god-kings left the world of Oro scarred. Now a teenager from Earth is about to open all the old wounds....

XII: Of Magic and Muses: Willow is trapped by mundane life -- until the discovery of a fantastical device causes those walls to fall in a cascade of secrets. But is she ready for what lies without?

White Noise: Wren is a normal teenager fighting to survive in the wreckage of Earth the alien invaders left behind. Well, normal except for the memory loss. And the army of people trying to kill him. And the tail....