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Bai Biyu and the Opportune Star

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October 11, 2016

In the comments section on this page, Thomas asked how Earth became the backwater of the Sol system. I never got around to replying to it, which is good, because I probably would have broken the comments section. So you get it as filler instead.

Hey! Do you like coloring books? Spiderforest has put together a collective Coloring Book that's up on Kickstarter right now! It's got some really fabulous illustrations, so if this is your thing, check it out!

And speaking of Spiderforest, why not check out some other excellent comics in the collective -- like the Spiderforest Comics of the Week! First up: LeyLines!

The Itsuri Empire has enjoyed an unprecedented quarter-century of peace... but now the wife of the High Sage is dead, and her children -- Tama, Mizha, and their adoptive brother Zhiro -- find themselves in a bewildering maze of plots. Why is their father so intent on sending them away? Did their mother really kill herself? And why have the capricious, cryptic, and terrifying gods of their world chosen to involve themselves in the siblings' lives?

LeyLines is a fascinating story set in a lovingly detailed high fantasy world. As I've mentioned before the fourth book is currently funding on Kickstarter, and as proud owner of the first three I assure you it's money well spent.Go! Read!

Second up we have: Moonslayer!

Syrma should already be dead. People cursed by the Moon do not have the longest lifespan. Her family is already dead, killed by their own people, and she has spent her life living deep in the forest, protected by the forest spirits and her dragon guardian day and night. Especially night.

She should already be dead. But when she discovers that even this life will soon be denied her -- that the curse of the Moon-goddess will kill her on her twentieth birthday -- Syrma chooses the unthinkable: to challenge the goddess on her throne. To set herself the unwinnable task of slaying the Moon.

Enchanting and breathtakingly beautiful, Moonslayer is a comic in the best tradition of good high fantasy. Give it a look!