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How To Make A Room, Part 1

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October 18, 2016

I don't know how many of you wanted to hear this question answered in painful detail, but I got interested, so you're all hosed.

Luckily there's other stuff on the internet to read -- like the Spiderforest comics of the week! First up: Arbalest!

In Arbalest, winter is the enemy. Winter is six months of darkness without surcease. Winter is a trickster, beautiful and cold. Winter is pain, is fear, is death. Winter is a monster walking the streets of the village, unwelcomed, but of necessity allowed a place at the hearth.

This year, that monster's name is Haelu.

But Haelu -- Haelu, who dreams of the Night Twins she was before by day and her brother the summer by night -- Haelu is different, as every winter is different. Haelu wants to see the light....

Beautiful and fantastic, Arbalest is a new comic from the creator of Cetiya, and in only a few months she's managed to hook me completely. Check it out; you won't reget it!

Second up this week: What It Takes!

The world ended six years ago. Colbey is part of the three percent of humanity that survived, but she's too busy to feel lucky. Busy continuing to survive in a world where you can take nothing for granted, not even your next meal or a safe place to sleep. Busy trying to sift the wreckage of a lost world for the fiancee she's grimly convinced has survived. Busy dodging the gangs and disfunctional dictatorships while tracking down rumors of the one place civilization is said to have survived... a City in a Place whose nature seems increasingly tangled in the fate of the man she lost....

What It Takes is a gritty post-apocolyptic comic with a gutsy, tough, and believable heroine and a dose of dark humor. And yes, it's a favorite of mine. Go! Read!