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How To Make A Room, Part 2

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October 25, 2016

I hope you guys weren't bored by last week's roombuilding segment, because THERE'S MORE! The good news is -- I'm on track to start with real updates again next week, so your suffering is brief.

The other good news is I have more comic recommendations for you in the form of the Spiderforest Comics of the Week. First up: Heracles Knot!

The Wardens oversee diplomatic relations between non-humans and humans -- at least, those humans that know non-humans exist. Leland and Jaida are recruited, as many wardens are, after surviving the sort of 'incident' that happens when such relations break down. But now a mysterious illness is killing off non-humans, and the new recruits find themselves in the middle of some very, very old bad blood....

An interesting, complex comic that blends fantasy politics and very real-world relationships, Heracles Knot will keep you guessing. Go! Read!

Up next: Spare Keys for Strange Doors!

Toby Hathaway and Marion Sark are paranormal investigators. No, not the sort with skintight leather outfits, tragic pasts, and an inexplicable attachment to archaic weapons. More the sort who bicker in front of the customers, complain about the quality of ghost their partner drags home, and end up getting their shopping horoscopes told when they just want to buy tomatoes. Offbeat humor, rot lizards, and fae mother-in-laws. Who could ask for more? This is a major favorite of mine, so please, check it out!