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November 1, 2016

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November 1, 2016

And we're back -- on my birthday, no less! Happy birthday comic to me. :)

To celebrate, why not check out the Spiderforest Comics of the Week, starting with Castoff!

Vector doesn't know what he is or where he came from. He doesn't know why his eyes glow gold. He doesn't know why the Alverian guard thinks he's a traitor, or why the mage and bounty hunter Arianna kidnapped him, or where he is right now, or what horrible thing will happen to him next.

There's a lot Vector doesn't know. But one thing is painfully obvious: he's in a *lot* of trouble....

A fun fantasy romp of a comic with an intriguing plot and great characters, this is another of my newer favorites. Give it a read!

Next up: Sons of the Forgotten!

Once the land of Darneson had heroes. But they failed; they vanished; they were, of necessity, forgotten. Until an idealistic boy named Erric learns the forgotten thing and sets out to find -- and become -- a hero...

A beautiful comic with a fresh take on classic sword-and-sorcery from two of last round's new members (from our growing hotspot of new members, Spain!) This one is just getting started up, but I highly recommend you jump on board!