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November 8, 2016

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November 8, 2016

I introduced this lady once, but I can't remember if it was filler or just a vote incentive? So triple cookies if you actually recognize her. To the non-terrifying memory members of my audience: yes, she's new; yes, you'll be getting more details soon. :)

Spiderforest's Comics of the Week spotlight continues! First up this week: LaSalle's Legacy!

Jonathan LaSalle wants, more than anything, to live up to his father's memory... and if that means taking to the Thirteen Seas with little more than a green crew and hope, that's what he'll do. But following in his father's footsteps means learning about the unsavory parts of his inheritance -- like his disreputable half-brother. And his father's enemies. Even the dead ones...

LaSalle's Legacy is a swashbuckling tale of necromancy, magic, and the high seas. It's a fun comic full of quirky characters, derring-do, and yes, pirates. Go! Read!

Next up: Soul's Journey!

When Prince Anrak ran away from home, he thought he was escaping the burdens of his position -- like the expectations of his people and an unwanted political marriage. But he never meant to go so far. He never meant to be helpless, trapped in a wolf's body, watching as the consequences of his actions spiral his country into war....

A classic coming-of-age story with some innovative twists and a nicely balanced cast of characters. Go! Read!