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March 28, 2017

So. Uh. Hi.

Apparently the way I react to stress is something like this:

Brain: Hi have a super stressful election!
Me: ok
Brain: BTW you've just developed another chronic stress-triggered health issue!
Me: Fuck. Ok, I guess
Brain: Your 92-year old grandfather whose health has been slowly deteriorating has to go into the hospital! He lost half the blood in his body! No one's sure he'll survive! A week in his dog died!
Me: Well I'll miss some comic updates but at least I'm making progress on the novel during all these hospital visits....
Brain: Good thing because you'll need to visit him every day for the month he's in the hospital. He has dementia, can't remember why he's here, and will refuse food and physical therapy unless a family member is there to bully him!
Me: I hate hospitals... *writes furiously*
Brain: Holidays!
Me: Updating again!
Brain: While you and your mother were distracted with your grandfather a major work crisis developed and you're gonna loose a lot of product!
Me: *updates comic*
Brain: Now your mom is gone and you're in charge of the business for a month! Including the disasters!
Me: *updates comic*
Brain: Hey, the crisises are under control, your grandfather's home and doing really well, even the political situation looks a little less disasterous, have a week-long vacation.
Me: *turns into jellyfish*

So yeah, I expected to come back from vacation revitalized and able to get caught up and the exact opposite happened. I pancaked entirely and haven't been able to do more than pick at any creative projects (including the comic) for a month. It's... super frustrating, and also embarrassing, because if I carried on through all the crap why am I collapsing just when things look better? (And yes, logically I realize it's because I carried on through all the crap. Not helping with the shame and confusion).

I've been avoiding posting because I really couldn't figure out what to post or what to say, but that's unfair to y'all. And in the past week I have been able to do a little creative work, mostly on a Sekret Project for the collective (the pic above is an outtake), I think because it's only eight pages and thus has a clear point where it will end. I haven't actually 'finished' anything since, ah, 2013? So I'm picking at it, and vaguely hoping the euphoria of 'done' will carry me through to get back on my more pressing work.

I'm hoping to get the comic going again by the first week of May. I'm sorry, guys. I didn't plan this, I was expecting the exact opposite to happen, and I should have let you know what was going on sooner. I'll try and get my dumb, broken brain rolling again as soon as I can.