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June 21, 2017

So yeah. The good news is: not dead yet. The bad news: the above is pretty much all I've gotten done in a comics sense since February.

The other good news is -- I did get it done, which means I get to be part of this coolness:

That's right! My collective is putting out their first-ever anthology! And I have an eight-page story in it. 'Something More' is set about ten years before the comic's beginning, right after Eva la Fluer's takeover of Porttown. Eva's droiteman Spider sets out to make the spaceport the efficient machine it should be -- and encounters an unexpected bump. It was a challenge for me on several levels (I do not write short), but I love it, and I think you guys will too.

Besides me, the anthology is basically a Who's Who of my favorite Spiderforest creators and (says the person who got to preview them) some really, really excellent stories. The Kickstarter also features tons of extras and goodies, including a really neat Kickstarter-exclusive pen, some great prints, a whole lot of collective art, and a few chances to get a cameo in Sunset Grill!*

The Kickstarter runs through July 14th, so please head over and check it out -- you won't regret it!

As for the comic itself... I've hit the point where I've been treading water for so long it's turning into habit. My current plan is to sit my ass down this Saturday (my first day off) and give a long, hard look to what I'm doing, what I need to do, and where the holes are, and come back to you guys with a plan next week. Hold me to that, PLEASE.

Thank you guys so much for your patience. And check out the anthology. It's good. :)

* This has the additional benefit that if someone buys it, you'll more or less be guaranteeing the main comic starts back up soon, as I will be utterly panicked by the idea that someone paid me for a cameo and I'll keep them waiting. I'd blame my Catholic upbringing, but I didn't have one.