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Why No Comic?! -- Bad April Part 1

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June 19, 2018

This is the comment section's fault. Especially Don. I blame Don for everything.

But as we're in the middle of Yet More Disasters and my progress on the comic is grindingly slow, I figured this was better than nothing.... (It's also something I can do while, say, stuck in doctor's offices, and throw together on my iPad while watching kidlet, so it's not slowing me down on the main comic, just repurposing some other time.)

In other news, if you've ever wondered why I do a 3D comic instead of drawing: Exhibit A.

Oh, and hey, before I forget: the Kickstarter for the SpiderForest Webcomic Collective's second anthology, 'A Gallery of Rogues' has a week left!

So many good comics, you guys. Check it out!

As for the comic itself -- the shipping company in question, which shall remain nameless, is rather infamous for never claiming responsibility for damaged packages. Their standard excuse is "insufficient packaging". In my direct experience they have used "insufficient packaging" to explain packages that were dropped in a river, packages that were run over, packages that were dropped in a river and *then* run over (no, really -- they delivered the remains of the package to a customer. In a bag. She took pictures. The water damage and tire tracks were clearly visible) and packages that were speared by a careless forklift operator. So we're all kind of wondering what the heck they did that they're just flat out taking responsibility. (And no, they really wouldn't tell us.)