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Why No Comic?! -- Bad April Part 2

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June 26, 2018

So yes, this was explosion #1. I'm unclear on the technical details because everyone who understood them was busy trying to kill the electric company, but they did a Thing and as a result we had actual flames shooting out of parts of our very expensive milking system. It took us two weeks to fix. Fortunately we have two farms, and the other one (about 2 miles away), had a working milking parlour, but my poor brother had to reload up the 90 cows he'd moved that morning and ferry them back, and cheesemake got put on hold again while we scrambled to get the milk hauling truck back online.

Things are settling down a bit here, but comic work is still grindingly slow and I'm afraid you're stuck with comic-form excuses for a bit yet. They are at least keeping me in the habit of updating this site once a week....