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January 22, 2019

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January 22, 2019

The rebellion would have lasted longer if only Murdoch would have walked across the courtyard more slowly.

One of the SpiderForest Comics of the Week this week is... me! If you're coming in from other comics, welcome! Stick around! Say hi down in the comments section! Or visit one of these other great comics:

The Ferrin Elanor Standish just wanted to finish her paper on the wild Alien species, the Ferrin, not uncover secrets hidden from and by the galactic superpowers that control the current universe. YA to mature.

Cosmic FishSoon-to-be resident-snake/fish monster Acantha has rejected the childish idea of solving the mystery as to why her unusual kind exists and why they’re deemed the enemy of the planet. That may very well change when the child-like guardian (and known monster hunter) Bells believes they can work together to find peace. But both have a long way to go as they each have to face their mistakes and learn from the past to find a hopeful future.