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February 12, 2019

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February 12, 2019

This page ends the scene, so there'll be a bit of a break here. Hopefully not too long, but as the past two pages with their varying degrees of 'late' have shown, I really need to get back to finishing scenes before I start posting 'em....

In the meantime, there'll be plenty of other comics to read -- like these, the current SpiderForest comics of the week:

Castoff - Vector always dreamed of traveling. He got kidnapped instead. Now, with the help of a short-tempered bounty hunter, a happy-go-lucky cartographer, and many more unlikely friends, he has to try and make it home in one piece.

Ingress Adventuring Company - Toivo Kissa is Ingress Adventuring Co., a very small, very wizard-based dungeoneering service. No job is too small, though sometimes his adventures are problems of his own making.

Children of Eldair A sorcerer saves a girl from flesh-eating demons. After trying to use magic to find her friends, he’s trapped in a vision of the past--one that will help him save the world and the girl he loves.