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April 20, 2021

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April 20, 2021

'Dropping his Rs': while I love you guys (and my sanity) too much to actually show this in dialogue, there are some significant differences between a St. Louis accent and a Kieselburg accent. In Kieselburg only final r sounds tend to get dropped or softened (your = you, car = cah), whereas in the St. Louis accent most rs that aren't in the first syllable vanish (where = wheh, already = ahdee). Basically, Isidro is doing a really good job at sounding like l'milice. (St. Louis also uses more pure French in conversation than Kieselburg, which will come up later.)

Yes, I am a terrific nerd.

In other news: after a very long break, one of my favorite comics, Runners, is coming back! As of today this fabulous space opera adventure starts its third volume, and will be updating every Tuesday and Thursday. You should all check it out!