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A Girl and Her Fed
Near-future cybernetic warfare as conducted by the ghost of Ben Franklin. Oh, and watch out for the talking koala.

Flaky Pastry
Wacky magic, wackier roomates, and the occasional tasty croissant.

General Nelson will find the fate of the lost Hiawatha -- even if it means the Galaxion and her crew end up just as lost....

Girl Genius
Agatha didn't know she was a Spark, much less the only descendant of the legendary Heterodynes. Her life just got a bad case of... SCIENCE.

When you fall out of your own world, this is where you end up: Kaspall, a city filled with unwilling immigrants and bewildered offworlders. But now someone is killing them....

No Rest for the Wicked
Little Red Riding Hood has a grudge and an axe, Puss in Boots is bored, and the Princess has an allergy to peas and must find the Moon so she can finally get some sleep. A fairy tale slanted sideways.

Schlock Mercenary
Hard military sci-fi starring a company of mercenaries and their giant pile of poo. Even more fun than it sounds.

Skin Horse
Project Skin Horse: a government agency dedicated to aiding the U.S.'s sizable population of nonhumans. Generally by chasing them down, beating them up, and then giving them paperwork.

Interplanet Amity believed enlisting six humans kidnapped from Earth was its best hope for freeing the enslaved Eebs. So much for the power of belief....

Templar, AZ
Alternate history of junkies, prostitutes, cultists, and one runaway journalist in way over his head.

The Water Phoenix King
The despot is dead, but ten years later Vasgol struggles with civil war and bad magic. Who will win: those who look for a way forward... or their enemies, who seek a return to the ways of the Water Phoenix King?

True Magic
Magic rests in the hands of the aristocracy. What can a band of crazy young peasants do? Well, get into a lot of trouble, for a start....

The heartwarming tale of a cute little girl, her inconveniently erudite undead killing machine, and their magical journey through a war-torn, slaver-ridden land to deal with that guy what tried to rip her da off. Wait, did I say heartwarming?

Welcome to the magical college town of Widdershins, where wizards are real wizards! Unless they get expelled over a wee curse and then accidentally become the King of Thieves. Oops.


Buck Godot Crimson Dark Digger Freakangels Oceanus Procellarum Runners Universe

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The Gods of Arr-Kelaan



Other Reading

Elaine Corvidae - Publishes her fantasy through Mundania Press and puts her SF on the web for free. It's all well worth reading.

Shadow Unit - A collaborative, free online fiction project by such authors as Elizabeth Bear, Emma Bull, Will Shetterly, and Leah Bobet.


A collective of lovely, crazy, talented folk, of which I'm one. (They keep me around to make up the quota on crazy.) A great many of these also fall under the "comics I read" category, but I was trying not to repeat myself.

Apple Valley Avernyght Between Places Cat Legend Catalyst Cetiya Chirault Chromacorps Cooties Dark White Demon Hunter Kain Footloose Gemutations: Plague Gods of the Game Keys Kinnari LaSalle's Legacy LeyLines Life's A Witch Malaak Mysteries of the Arcana Nahast Panthera Precocious Real Life Fiction Requiem Riven Sol Rune Master School Spirit Silent Pirate Snow by Night Sombulus Spare Keys for Strange Doors Special School Spine Tales from the Middle Kingdom The Cyantian Chronicles The Ironclad Man The Only Half Saga The Revolution Think Before You Think Twilight Lady War of Winds What It Takes What Nonsense Willow's Grove dream*scar
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