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October 14, 2014

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October 14, 2014

The deal, in brief: my day job is prepping for an audit required by one of our biggest customers. Among the other reams of paperwork they'll mark us down for not having, we discovered a certification requirement. Net result: on top of my normal workload and the aforementioned reams of documentation we're having to edit/write, I've also had to absorb enough from a 300-page textbook on a subject with which I am almost totally unfamiliar in 2 weeks to pass a certification exam tomorrow.

Writing is out of the question. Even rendering is pretty damn near impossible. My brain = tapioca.

So while I attempt to get some neural function back, fanart from my collectivemate Emily of Footloose! She's had some site issues lately that I helped troubleshoot, and she was kind enough to offer fanart as a thank-you. First ever Travis fanart! So excited!

In other collective news: the comic of the week is Lapse!

Bianca Fortune is lost. Of course, she's been lost for a while -- drifting around, living with her mother in the elderly, creepy, possibly haunted house she grew up in, not really thinking about what she's going to do with her life -- but now... one wrong step, and Bean now knows for sure that her house is haunted. And she's discovering just how lost she can get....

Beatiful, dreamy artwork, sharp dialog, and a blend of touching and creepy I've never seen anyone pull off so well. Lapse has become one of my favorite comics... and a perfect ghostly read for the run-up to Halloween. What are you waiting for?