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May 20, 2010

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May 28, 2010

See, the thing is, I didn't think I was being optimistic. I've moved before. I've even moved countries. It's a pain, but nothing too exceptional. Five miles should be a breeze, right?

As it turns out, what I'd never done was move all my stuff, even furniture. Or move from somewhere I'd lived for five years. Or move while working full-time.

It kinda snowballed.

The long and short: I have my render-machine Ajax hooked up again. I have Internet again. I very nearly have my apartment empty and ready for landlord inspection, though it's a close thing. I am reasonably sane. There will probably, hopefully, be a comic on Tuesday. If I don't fall over dead before then, which does seem possible.

Oh, and I did manage to finally finish that page on the Gene Lords that I promised, lo, many moons ago. Guilt makes wonderful fuel. And hopefully now you lot won't actually be making voodoo dolls of me or anything before I get the next page up....

May 20, 2010

Formal dress: in their early days the Nightmask wore masks and concealing clothing to protect their identities, similar to the KKK. Over time that's become less common, as most people within the Greenwharves pretty well know who's in the Mask anyway, and interference from outsiders has become more and more rare.

So yeah. Moving-related lateness. While the actual moving bit is going okay, and I did know ahead of time that the previous house owners a)smoked and b)painted the living room a criminal shade of pink, I vastly underestimated the time and effort involved in removing nasty cigarette smell and horrible pinkness. I also didn't realize that thanks to the cigarettes the rest of the rooms would need painting as well. And I thought I'd have time off work for some of this, which I don't (see: employee who quit without notice. It's probably a bad sign when you need footnotes for your disasters.)

Friday's comic... well, I'll try and get it up by the end of the weekend. Sorry, guys.