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October 1, 2010

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October 1, 2010

Okay, first off, my apologies to those of you who've been faithfully checking back. My tendency -- as at least a few of you know by now -- when I'm not sure, or sick, or whatever, is to just try and wait it out. Communication via non-stories is not my strong point. Especially when I'm failing to get something done.

Second... since at least some of you seem worried... nothing is truly wrong in Katsville. I've just been on-and-off sick for some time -- about a month or more now -- in a low-key, irritating way, and over the past week or two that's combined with an unexpectedly tricky page. I've also developed the charming symptom that staring at a computer screen for any length of time makes me nauseous. Needless to say this is really convenient when you're trying to make yourself work. It got to the point where I basically got home from work, checked my email, and went to bed, with occasional failed attempts to try and guilt-trip myself into getting something, anything, done.

After a week of this I am at least feeling better, and have vague hopes of getting this stupid, stupid page up over the weekend and getting myself back on some kind of schedule next week. But in case I was wrong again I wanted to let y'all know the scene.

As a side note, in case I don't get around to responding to them all individually -- I am still reading the comments, and you guys rock. The insanely long grammar thread down there -- well, I'd always felt vaguely guilty about my desire to take a red pen to any number of things on the Internet. But now it's all okay. Now I have company.