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August 10, 2012

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August 10, 2012

Flashpaint: a military-grade explosive triggered by an energy beam. In other words, it goes off when someone shoots close to it. The good news is that needleguns, which most of the gangsters are carrying, are not energy weapons; the bad news is the explosive can also be triggered by a strong enough concussive strike, such as from a needle flatchette.

Flashpaint is toxic -- as some of you people who are far too good at reading fine print saw last comic -- and there was a scandal involving the military, Sunlanders, and improper handling techniques some years ago, although Faden is obviously exaggerating. Corinne is probably safe from side effects as long as she doesn't get it in her eyes, doesn't make a habit of it, and preferably doesn't plan on having children.

What the military would have to say about someone using an entire can of flashpaint on a single building, on the other hand, is less unprintable than unintelligible due to the way they are running very fast in the other direction.

Hey! The comic turned four years old last weekend and I didn't notice! And I appear to have hit 350 pages today and only just noticed! Woot! (oh god that is a lot of pages how does this happen without me noticing)