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March 19, 2013

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March 19, 2013

Oppies: The New Opportunities Party, also referred to as the Opportunists by their rivals. Originally an egalitarian party with working-class ties, they have been swinging more and more towards the rhetoric of the Fraternity, whose dislike of both the blueblood upper class and the lower-class Sunlanders makes a potent and vote-drawing combination. They're not one of the half-dozen political parties which make up the major Assembly coalitions, however, which even Zeke would probably recognize.

'Redraw the ward lines': the contemporary term is 'gerrymandering', and it's common enough that jokes about having to register ward residency three times in between elections are considered rather passe.

And for those of you not yet bored silly, some reminders of what the Greenwharves and the Mask are referring to.