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May 6, 2014

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May 6, 2014

So yeah. The sixth and no comic, which can only mean.... Kat got sick! *sigh*

Basically I had a reoccurance of the thing that hospitalized me back in October 2009. I did not have to go to the hospital this time, which is good, and the doctor confirms that this is probably what's been behind my lack of energy, depressed immune system, on-and-off pain issues, and unfortunate emotional state for the last six months or so (he may also have said something about coming in earlier), which is also good. But I ended up in crippling pain for a large portion of my time off and then a cold decided to have one last merry romp through my system, so yeah. Very little actual progress has happened. Argh.

I will try to at least get better filler up the end of this week and, fingers crossed, restart the comic by next week. Sorry, guys. In the meantime, er, have a picture I did early last month before everything went south? (It's actually a contest entry for one of the 3D art forums I occasionally visit, where the challenge is to use almost all community freebie models, and this month's theme was cyberpunk so, yeah, how could I resist. I got an honorable mention, which was nice. :) )

UPDATE: Aaaaaand in one careless moment I managed to screw up almost everything about the site. :( And I have to go to work. So yes, most of the archives have broken comments sections and the story indexing no longer works, I am gonna try and fix it when I get home.