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The Sullivan Square Gang (late 2426)

The "inner circle" of the Sullivan Square gang. Sullivan provides an excellent example of an established, stable core. The actual gang structure of dealers, workers, and enforcers is much larger, with probably around a hundred people on the gang's payroll, with perhaps half that number considered members of the gang. As is common, the core members are tightly linked to each other by ties of blood, marriage, or simple affection.

From left to right, members are:

Hob Janes. Handles routine collections of protection money (aka "beef") and heavy enforcement. A cousin of Gabrielle's.

Gabrielle Janes. Gabie does not fall strictly inside the gang heirarchy -- she is close to the core because of her marriage to Alain, but due either to lack of interest or her reputation for unreliability, she has never taken on a formal role. She does odd jobs and sometimes acts as a go-between for people nervous of approaching the gang directly or people the gang does not wish to openly deal with.

Alain. Murdoch's childhood friend and second in command. Handles some collections work, oversees the network of dealers, and splits security duties with Nik. Easygoing and amiable, he essentially acts as the diplomatic arm of the gang.

Savoy Reste. Light enforcement, some work with the dealer network, splits money-handling duty with Murdoch. Alain's second wife. Like Nik, she has a military background, but she is not by nature a fighter and prefers to negotiate.

Nicola Sidorov. Savoy's girlfriend; fiercely loyal to Murdoch to the degree that people sometimes speculate they are lovers. Nik disliked military authority but enjoyed the fighting. She handles gang security and occasional beatdowns with a ruthless lack of subtlety. As Sullivan provides actual protection for their protection money, she also handles any complaints or thefts, usually by beating the crap out of somebody.

Murdoch. The tête d'rue. By nature of the job, Murdoch is loosely involved in everything, but he keeps tabs most closely on the money and goods handling (assisted by Savoy). He handles collections and inspects the dealer network just frequently enough to keep everyone slightly nervous; occasionally shows up to scare the crap out of his own security; and does most negotiations with rival têtes. Like many of the more stable (both in power, and in sanity) têtes, he's also seen as something of a local authority figure, and thus both gang and non-gang members tend to drag their problems and disputes to him for arbitration, a role he accepts with resignation.