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May 7, 2010

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May 7, 2010

My writer-brain has responded to the decrease in updates by trying to script increasingly long and involved pages. Fuck you too, writer-brain. We'll call the current page a draw...

For those curious about the architecture (because I know some of you are crazy enough to look at this and think, 'what the hell, train tracks?' Yes, you. I'm looking at you, clock guy), there is a bit of a history behind Lafayette Station. It was built at the turn of the 22nd century, shortly after the founding of Lakehaven (see Kieselburg's history). At that time the deterioration of the old roadway systems was nearly complete, and the transit systems hastily thrown together to compensate were in varying states of decay. The United American Republic's high-speed train system was supposed to rise above all that; UAR officials promised a durable, lasting network, and various ingenious engineering feats were performed to make sure the tracks, the trains, and the stations would all stand the test of time as twentieth and twenty-first century institutions had not. To the UAR's credit, the trains did run quite well in their decade of operation before the discovery of contragravity rendered them obsolete.

It is also to the UAR's credit -- or at least, that of its engineers -- that many of the old train stations remain in reasonable repair over two centuries later, even if low-income districts and mob warehouses were not what they had in mind. Even the old trains remain sound enough to have been dragged out of the tunnels and converted to shops or houses in the areas surrounding the station. Some of the residents even remember the trains' original use, though they find it odd that one would attach something as superfluous as wheels to a perfectly good vehicle.