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January 1, 2013
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Julia: -- so it's really not as terrible as you're thinking. I mean, my main concern right now is convincing my neighbors that I am not the person to go see if the local gang lord truly hurt himself in his stupid dust-up, since we mutually despise each other. As concerns go --
Bianca: Julia, you just told me there was a gang war on your doorstep and you have to pay off a group of criminals just to stay safe. What about this is not terrible?
Julia: Daphne's safe, happy, and has friends. I have friends. I have a business. I have a life.
Bianca: Don't you think you're being a little extreme? Seriously, Jules. You up and vanish one day, no one hears from you for months, and when Gav does find you you're living in Lowtown --
Julia: Your bloody husband should mind his own business.
Bianca: He's your brother! He was worried! We've all been worried! Nash is frantic --
Julia: Nash can go fuck himself.
Bianca: Well, that's mature.
Julia: Isn't it just? I think the criminals are a good influence for me.

When last we saw... Julia

January 1, 2013
As promised, we're back! Though I owe you an apology, especially those of you guys who asked questions. December went from Expectedly Busy to Unexpectedly Busy (jury duty. Not nearly as good for research purposes as I was hoping. So much for silver linings) to Very Bad Busy when my 90-year-old grandmother fell down the stairs the week before Christmas. She's fine, doing rather well, but it led to exactly the sort of emergency room and surgery and hospital-that's-over-an-hour-away nonsense that you really want to be engaging in over the holidays. Especially when the family business has just let all the employees who aren't family go home on the reasonable expectation that, hey, it'll be quiet, right?

So not so much on the spare time, not so much on the hoped-for buffer, and I owe a bunch of people answers that are currently sitting around half-finished, sorry, I will get them up as I can. But. The comic is back. Happy New Year!

The Wizard Hunters
The Wizard Hunters
by Martha Wells

To Tremaine, it's an enemy airship. To Illias, it's a wizard-ridden flying whale. Both want the same thing: stop it destroying their worlds....

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